New Hunting Gear for 2020: The Latest from Caribou Gear

New Hunting Gear for 2020: The Latest from Caribou Gear

We are thrilled to release some exciting new hunting gear for the 2020 season. These products represent years of testing and development. At Caribou Gear Equipment Company, we have been dedicated to creating hunting products that solve real needs for hunters, function practically and reliably in the field, and that use the best available materials and construction.

We are excited to introduce these new products. As you embark on your adventures in 2020, please give us your feedback. As we continue working to develop innovative and reliable hunting gear, we’d love to know what you think.

Here’s what’s new for 2020:

Caribou Gear Bullet Wallets

The design for our new bullet wallets stemmed from a dissatisfaction with the other options on the market. So we set out to design the best possible bullet carry system.

Our bullet wallets are made with Cordura ballistic nylon. We worked hard to create a perfect balance between stiffness and a foldable design. We finally ended up with a strong wallet that will fold neatly and without bulging. We also took special care to create a design that would protect soft and polymer-tipped bullets.

The new Caribou Gear Bullet Wallets are available in three different configurations. First, we have a Bullet Wallet for 5 rifle bullets with an ID pocket. Next, we have an option for 10 rifle bullets. And finally, we have a Bullet Wallet that will hold 5 rifle rounds and 10 handgun rounds. The rifle bullet sleeves will comfortably hold rounds from .223 up to a .300 Weatherby. And the handgun bullet sleeves can accommodate rounds up to .454 Casull.

Here you can take a look at all three. These are currently in stock and ready to ship.

Caribou Gear GPS Holster

The New Caribou Gear GPS Holster is designed to provide quick access and security for your navigational devices.

Whether you use a standalone GPS or your cell phone for navigation, you can now have your OnX maps and other systems within easy reach, keeping them totally secure. The Caribou Gear GPS/Phone Holster will attach to your backpack’s shoulder harness or hip belt. It will accommodate most standard GPS units, Walkie-Talkies and iPhone/Android models. 

Check them out here and let us know what you think.

Caribou Gear Lanyards

While on the subject of securing your electronics, take a look at the new Lanyards from Caribou Gear. Perfect for a GPS, rangefinder, camera or GoPro, we designed these lanyards in-house to meet Caribou Gear’s rigid quality and durability standards.

This compact stretch cord is made with corrosion-resistant metal alloy hardware. There’s a connection loop on one end to attach your rangefinder or GPS. On the other end is an easy-to-use locking hook, available in two sizes. The Lanyard with small hook is perfect for attaching to the Caribou Gear GPS holster or other small attachment points. The Lanyard with large hook is ideal for securing to backpack D-rings or other large attachment points. 

The Lanyards have enough reach to bring a rangfinder from your waist belt up to your eye. Rated at 30-pounds and built with quality materials from top to bottom, you can be confident that your electronics will remain secure.

Take a look at our new Lanyards here.

Caribou Gear Hunter’s Tarp

We are very excited to introduce the new Hunter’s Tarp. This is an ultra lightweight multi-use tarp that’s extremely waterproof and will keep blood off your pack when hauling meat. At just 4.3 ounces, it’s your quick-pitch storm shelter, ground tarp, and backpack liner when packing out meat.

We designed the Hunter’s tarp using an advanced two-sided multi-coated silpolyU™ for extreme blood and waterproofing. It comes with a stuff sack and four durable aluminum ground stakes. With reinforced stake loops and reflective webbing, the Hunter’s Tarp can be pitched with a trekking pole or tree branch to keep you comfortable in the field through rain and snow. At 5’x4’, it’s large enough to debone meat on the ground. Then, use it as a liner to keep blood off your backpack during the pack out.

The entire combined weight of the tarp, four stakes and stuff sack is just 5.6 ounces making it an essential item in your backpack, right next to your emergency kit and kill kit.

Place your order for the Hunter’s Tarp now and you’ll get free shipping from

The Hanger from Caribou Gear

Our design for The Hanger has been years in the making. Loaded with 65 feet of strong, climber’s cord, the entire length can be thrown under its own weight, allowing campers to easily hang food, gear or clothesline. 

No matter what gets you outdoors, keeping food away from predators, raccoons or rodents is a universal backcountry reality. We spent a great deal of effort to design a gear hanging system and throw bag that’s extremely durable and highly functional.

In the design for The Hanger, we used ultra durable Cordura fabric and corrosion resistant alloy hardware. The 3mm cord takes a page from the rock-climbing playbook, and actually becomes round under tension rather than flattening like Para-Cord. This makes it far easier to pull over tree limbs with heavy weight. 

Learn more about The Hanger and Order yours here!

Gear Up for Your 2020 Hunting Trips

As you prepare for your hunting trips in 2020, we’re here to help. At, you’ll receive free shipping on Caribou Gear product purchases over $49. On all other brands, you’ll get free shipping on orders over $99. From game bags to boots, and cook systems to hunting knives, the hunting products we carry are items we have tested and personally use in the field. 

Keep in touch with us on Facebook or on Instagram at @caribougear. Let us know what you think of the new gear, and tag us in your adventures using #caribougear.

By Ryan McSparran

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