Restock for the Season: Mountain House Meals and More

Restock for the Season: Mountain House Meals and More

While inventory continues to be an issue across the outdoor industry, we’ve been doing our best to keep hunting gear and equipment in stock. Here at our warehouse and showroom in Highlands Ranch, Colorado, we’ve received new shipments of Mountain House meals, knives, axes and a variety of other gear. It’s time to stock up for the season!

At the time we published this update, here’s a quick rundown of what we have in stock for your 2021 adventures: 

Meals and Nutrition

We just received a new shipment of Mountain House freeze dried meals. Now is a great time to load up on your favorites. We also have a good selection of Peak Refuel meals. Both Mountain House and Peak Refuel offer great flavors to give you hot, tasty meals in the backcountry. We have breakfasts, dinners and desserts in stock. 

Shop for food and nutrition products here.

Cook Systems & Accessories

There’s no better backcountry companion for those freeze dried meals than a JetBoil cook system. It’s lightweight, fuel efficient, and it can boil water for your meal extremely fast. We currently have JetBoil Flash and Zip cook systems in stock. We also have accessories available, including titanium spoons, mugs, and the JetBoil Coffee Press.

Shop cook systems and accessories here.

Kenetrek Boots & Socks

This is the time of year to purchase new boots! If you’re thinking about a new pair of boots for the hunting season, make sure you have plenty of time to wear them and break them in before your first big hunt of the year. We’ve used Kenetrek boots and socks for many years, and we swear by them on hunts in rugged country. Kenetrek boots are extremely well built. They are comfortable in steep and uneven terrain. And they’ll last for many years. And don’t forget that a great pair of boots requires quality socks to perform properly. Kenetrek’s merino wool/synthetic blend is ideal for multi-day adventures. Finally, to keep your boots in top condition for years to come, don’t forget to clean them and apply Kenetrek boot wax between each trip.

Shop for Kenetrek Boots, Socks and Boot Wax here.

Hunting Knives & Axes

We are proud to carry Gerber hunting knives that were designed in partnership with our friend, Randy Newberg. These Gerber knives feature innovative designs that are practical for any big game hunt. We also carry knives from Outdoor Edge and Knives of Alaska. If you’re in need of a new hatchet or axe, check out the options from Gransfors Bruk Axes. Hand-forged in Sweden, and are made with unmatched quality. If you don’t see the axe you want in stock, we recommend purchasing one on backorder. We are continually ordering more, and the Gransfors Bruk axes almost always sell out as soon as they arrive in our warehouse.

Shop our entire lineup of knives and axes here.

Elk Calls

Planning an elk hunt this year? Don’t waste any time and start practicing! We carry calls from Rocky Mountain Hunting calls, including a variety of the most popular diaphragms and the Rogue Bugle Tube.

Shop Rocky Mountain Hunting Calls here.

Caribou Gear Game Bags

Whether you’re planning on hunting deer, elk, bear, antelope caribou, moose or any other big game this year, we have a game bag set that’s right for you. Caribou Gear game bags are the world’s only game bag to receive a patent in the U.S. and Canada, and for very good reason! They are highly breathable and will keep your wild game meat in the best possible condition. They are lightweight yet extremely durable. And they’re easily washable. A set of Caribou Gear Game bags can last you for many years.

Shop Caribou Gear game bags here.

Tarps, Dry Bags & Other Hunting Gear

Finally, your hunting kit isn’t complete with out the ultra lightweight Hunter’s Tarp. Weighing a mere 4.3 ounces, this tarp is your ground cloth for quartering and deboning meat in the field, it’s your pack liner to keep blood out of your backpack, and it’s a 100% waterproof glassing shelter or emergency shelter. Along with the Hunter’s Tarp, check out the rest of the hunting gear we have in stock – including Koyukon waterproof duffels and roll-top bags, bullet wallets, GPS/Phone Holsters, Paracord, Lanyards and more.

Shop for the Hunter’s Tarp and other hunting gear here.

Visit or Contact Us with Questions

Have questions or need help getting ready for your next hunting adventure? Visit us at our showroom at 8955 S. Ridgeline Blvd Suite #1100 in Highlands Ranch, Colorado. Or you can give us a call at (303) 798-5824 or contact us online. We’d love to help you try on boots, choose game bags, or work with you to pick the right hunting gear for your next trip. 

We hope you have some great hunts to look forward to this year!

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