Holiday Deals and Gift Ideas for Your Favorite Hunter

Holiday Deals and Gift Ideas for Your Favorite Hunter

The holiday season is fast approaching and it’s time to think about gifts for your favorite hunter or angler. Here at Hunting Gear Outfitters and Caribou Gear headquarters, we’re ready to supply shoppers with everything from easy gift cards to specialty items. Shop online, well ahead of the busy season and spare yourself last minute trips and the stress that comes with shopping among the crowds.


Black Friday Weekend Promotion!

Need some extra incentive to get your holiday shopping done now? We invite you to support small, local businesses like Caribou Gear during the Black Friday and Small Business Saturday weekend.

Starting Friday, November 29th and through Monday, December 2nd, you’ll be able to get the gear you need at a great deal! During these four days only:

  • Spend $99 and Get Free Shipping on Your Order
  • Spend $199 and Get Free Shipping, Plus 10% off Your Order
  • Spend $299 and Get Free Shipping, 10% off, AND a Free Camp Meat Game Bag


Our prices are already set to beat those big chain stores. When you add these additional discounts, we’re giving you a great reason to shop small and shop local this Christmas season!


Game Bags!

You can’t go wrong with Caribou Gear game bags. These are the original, and the world’s best synthetic game bags. Thanks to their fabric technology and innovative construction design, they’re actually the only game bag ever to receive a patent!

Every year, hunters and anglers require bags to protect meat in the field. Not all bags are created equal. The Magnum Packs offer the largest game bags for maximum air circulation around the meat. These packs include four quarter bags, a meat parts bag, a camp meat bag and a cape bag. Additionally, the Moose Magnum Pack includes a rib meat bag to meet regulations in Alaska. These bags come in three sizes for moose, elk, and deer-sized game. 

Our High Country Series includes the Caribou, the Wapiti for elk-sized game, and the Muley for deer-sized game. These packs are designed to haul meat on the bone. These ultralight game bags are sized slightly smaller than the Magnum Packs to save weight, but are still large enough to provide good air circulation. The Wapiti and the Muley both contain four quarter bags and a meat parts bag. The Caribou contains an additional rib meat bag to meet hunting regulations in Alaska.

Finally, our ultralight High Country Series is completed by the Carnivore III pack of game bags. This lightweight game bag set is designed for backcountry hunters and is designed to hold deboned meat from a mature bull elk. The tall shape of these bags prevents boned meat from balling up. This promotes better air circulation and rides more comfortably on a backpack out of the backcountry.

Calling Systems

Is your favorite hunter learning to call elk? The craft requires a high quality bugle tube and at least one great diaphragm call. The Rogue Bugle Tube is a perfect choice for every elk hunter and the diaphragm calls from Rocky Mountain Hunting Calls deliver a number of options to create a pitch perfect sound.

Wilderness Athlete Supplements

Training for a hunt is no easy task and nutrition plays a critical role in recovery and energy maintenance. The Wilderness Athlete brand makes supplements specifically for hunters who are training and operating at a high level. The Good Stuff and Energy and Focus products are perfect for any hunter who is working hard on the trails. The meal replacements are specifically for heavy duty training and weight loss and the Hydrate and Recover options are perfect for the heat of training and for recovering quickly mid-hunt.

Sharp Edges

Who doesn’t love a new blade? The collection of axes and hatchets will get any woodsman excited. Having a solid handle axe at camp makes it easy to split firewood and kindling for the fire. The hunters hatchet or Small Forest Axe by Grunsfors Brux Axes are excellent options for camp chores.

Hunting Gear Outfitters also carries high quality blades from Knives of Alaska. Every model is made to perform in the field. The Trekker Elk hunter is one that will last a lifetime for hunters and the Steelhead filet knife will do everything from meat trimming to perfect filet cutting on your next big catch.

Backcountry Cook Systems & Accessories

This Christmas, surprise someone with a high-efficiency, all-weather, backcountry cook system from Jet Boil. We also carry lightweight titanium mugs and long titanium spoons, perfect for reaching into those Mountain House meals without getting your hands dirty! Shop our selection of cook systems and accessories here.

Mountain House Meals

If you’re looking at a new Jet Boil, add a few Mountain House meals to stock up for that next big adventure. Mountain House provides an incredibly light weight solution for hot meals that taste great when you’re on the mountain. Best of all, you just add hot water from your Jet Boil directly to the meal pouch. Other than your titanium spoon, there are no dishes to clean up. Check out our variety of Mountain House meals here. What’s more, we offer them at a better price than those large big-box retailers!

Bringin’ it Home For the Holidays

If you need any more ideas for the hunters on your list, check out the rest of the products we offer at Keep in mind that the products we carry are those we have personally used on DIY hunts in Alaska and in our home state of Colorado.

Again, don’t miss our holiday weekend special from Black Friday, November 29th through Cyber Monday, December 2nd for these extra discounts:

  • Spend $99 and Get Free Shipping on Your Order
  • Spend $199 and Get Free Shipping, Plus 10% off Your Order
  • Spend $299 and Get Free Shipping, 10% off, AND a Free Camp Meat Game Bag


From all of us here at Caribou Gear, we hope you have a Merry Christmas and enjoy the holiday season with your friends and family!


By Zach Lazzari and Ryan McSparran

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