Wilderness Athlete: Backcountry Nutrition & Training Tips

Wilderness Athlete: Backcountry Nutrition & Training Tips

Here at Caribou Gear and Hunting Gear Outfitters, we’ve been impressed with the quality of Wilderness Athlete products and their performance in the field. Over the years, we’ve used Wilderness Athlete on backcountry hunts – from weekend trips here in our home state of Colorado, to month-long expeditions in Alaska.

There’s something unique about Wilderness Athlete and the way they do business. We believe it’s a story worth telling.

We recently had the opportunity to speak with Kevin Guillen from Wilderness Athlete. We asked Kevin about their approach to nutrition and how that influences product development. Kevin also shared some great spring training tips.

Product Development & Testing

Kevin pointed out that Wilderness Athlete has been the authority on outdoor performance nutrition for 15 years.

“In those years, we have focused on improving our customers’ lives by developing products that are not just important and useful on the mountain but also useful and important in every day life,” Kevin explained.

One thing we’ve learned about Wilderness Athlete over the years is that they take product development very seriously. It’s something we’ve grown to appreciate on our backcountry hunts. These are not your average generic supplements. Wilderness Athlete designs each product with a purpose.

“We are very critical with our formulas,” Kevin continued. “We own our formulas and they are unique to Wilderness Athlete. We do a lot of testing to make sure the results are what we’re looking for. If we develop a protein to repair and replenish muscle damage, we test to make sure it actually does that.”

In addition to this meticulous product development and testing, Wilderness Athlete is further set apart by the quality of ingredients and their manufacturing facility.

“We use incredibly high-quality and sometimes very hard to find ingredients,” Kevin added. “In addition to what we put into our products, our facility is very highly certified. That allows us to maintain unparalleled levels of testing and quality.”

These factors separate Wilderness Athlete from so many generic formulas on store shelves today. Wilderness Athlete takes a ground-up approach to each one of their products.

What’s New for Wilderness Athlete

The folks at Wilderness Athlete are in tune with the needs of outdoor athletes and hunters because they are those things. 

“We understand the needs of athletes on the mountain, in a race or at the gym,” Kevin told us. “And in addition to our own experience, we are intentionally very receptive and open with our customers. When we receive input to make a change, we have the flexibility and mobility to do it. We take feedback and act on it.”

“Last year we introduced the Mastermind series of products, including Edge, At Ease and Unplugged,” Kevin noted. “Hunters have specifically benefited from Unplugged. It’s a great sleep aid for backcountry use, encouraging uninterrupted, restful sleep.”

Spring Training Tips

When we asked Kevin for his thoughts on pre-season training for fall hunts, he had some good advice. First, he reminded us the importance of hydration for proper training.

“As you become active and begin training harder, staying hydrated is beneficial to your health and performance,” Kevin said. “We take this very seriously. There are many products out there with far too much sugar and poorly balanced electrolytes.

“Our Hydrate and Recover is tested with an exact electrolyte ratio,” he explained. “That’s the ‘hydrate’ part of the name. It also provides amino acids and those things that promote tissue repair and that’s the ‘recover’ part of the name. Hydrate and Recover should be in the backpacks of everyone getting out there. It’s formulated for exactly this purpose.”

For many of us, the hydration piece is easy to grasp. But it’s easier to overlook recovery. As we increase activity levels throughout the spring and summer, recovery is a critical piece of the puzzle.

“Focus on recovery and don’t neglect it,” Kevin advised. “It’s easy to place emphasis on performance and getting the workout we want. But too often we forget the recovery piece of having a well-rounded diet with plenty of proteins.”

Get To Know Wilderness Athlete

Beyond the products, one thing we’ve come to appreciate about Wilderness Athlete is their outstanding customer service and great communication. Kevin emphasized that point.

“We love talking to our customers,” he said in conclusion. “Wilderness Athlete encourages people from all walks of life to reach out if they’re preparing for a trip. We will help come up with a custom nutrition plan to meet their needs. We can relate to a lot of the challenges and we love having that personal dialogue with our customers.”

We can attest to that! We’ve had great experiences with the products and the people at Wilderness Athlete. Thank you to Kevin Guillen for taking the time to give us some insight on the products and the company.

Like all the products we choose to carry at HuntingGearOutfitters.com, we carry Wilderness Athlete products because we’ve tested them and we personally use them on our hunts. Please take a look at our recommended Wilderness Athlete products here.

By Ryan McSparran

Ryan is an outdoor writer based in Colorado, and is proud to be a part of the team at Hunting Gear Outfitters.

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