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Fish Bags Large, Medium, Small - Sized for larger fish Kings, Silvers, Sockeye

$8.39 $11.99


All fish bags are made with the same signature material, features, look and feel.  The difference is the weep holes at the bottom of bags that allows water drainage. The fish bags are great for bowfishing, gigging, shore fishing, charter boat fishing, large and small multiple fish quotas or simply keeping your catch clean from dirt &
$10.99 - Small - 23 x 30 Trout or like size fish Sale Price $8.39
$12.99 - Large - 26 x 36 Silvers, Sockeye - Sold Out 
$13.99 - Trophy - 20 x 40 Chinook “Kings” Sale Price $10.49

Our custom fabric and unique formulation of nylon, is durable, lightweight, abrasion resistant, strong and simply outdoor tough!! Great for Night Fishing, Bow Fishing, Ice Fishing, Lake or River Fishing, and Boat Charter Excursions. Also keeps fish contained in one location for ease of transport. "Try the new stringer today" By Caribou Gear, Outdoor Equipment Company.

Having your fish mounted? The fish bags assist in retaining fish color and preventing damage.

Great for bow fishing! Helps in keeping your catch in one spot!

Translucent when wet! And REUSABLE!
Great for Ice fishing! Just drop it down the hole, keeps your fish from freezing!
Great for night fishing, easy to see because of the light reflective properties.
The bags are available in three sizes for inland shores to the great blue sea, we have a bag that suits nearly all fish and fish sizes.
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