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Magnum Pack Large - M.O.B (Meat On Bone) for Moose and Buffalo



MAGNUM PACK SERIES LARGE - MOOSE This complete multi game bag set is a convenient package system that includes 8 game bags with logoed camp meat bag, storage bag, gloves, big game bag ID Tags, meat transfer form, field tips and instructions. The Magnum Pack Series game bags are larger than the High Country System, allowing ample room for best air circulation and easy handling, during prolonged hunts.

Package Content:

  • 4 - 28" x 60" Quarter Bags (Bag Size: " Wide x " Tall)
  • 1 - 12" x 21" Camp Meat Bag
  • 1 - 28" x 48" Cape Bag
  • 1 - 28" x 60" Rib Bag
  • 1 - 30" x 23" Meat Parts Bag
  • 1 - 10" x 24" Plastic Bag2 mil plastic bag
  • 1 - Pair 5 mil Nitrile Glove
  • 7 - Waterproof Tear Proof Big Game ID Tags
  • Field Tips and Instructions
  • 1 - Vented Storage Bag with rubber coated mesh lower and labeled nylon upper.
  • Total Weight 2LBS 14oz

Caribou Gear Magnum Packs are designed with all that is required for consecutive day guided and self-guided hunts. This consecutive day hunt requires a game bag with plenty of breathing room and easy mobility. These bags are Ultra Light stain resistant and designed with lock loops and reflective attachment for safety.

The MAGNUM PACK SERIES is the same long life durable synthetic fabric, patented, reusable Caribou Gear game bags.

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