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The CarnivoreIII - Boned Out Meat Bags for elk sized game



High Country Series Line of Products


The Carnivore III is designed and sized for Boned-Out Game Meat of a full size mature bull elk.

  • 5 - 16" Wide x 30" Tall, logoed Game Meat Bags (Bag Weight 2oz. x 5 = 10oz). 
  • 5 - ID Tags
  • 5 - Zip Locks
  • 1 - 4’ x 4’ Plastic Ground Tarp
  • 1 - Nylon Logoed Storage Bag
  • Field Tips and Instructions
  • Approx Weight & Dimentions: 4" Tall x 6.5" Wide  (Package Weight 14 oz).

The Carnivore III game bag set is large enough to contain a mature bone-out bull elk 

For Bull Elk or Like Sized Game - This product was designed for that hardcore hunter when going lightweight means the difference of success. The five game bags are designed with the same material (custom nylon fabric) the same reflective attachments, cord lock, durability. This game bag set includes silk screened logo.

The Carnivore has been a popular request from many of you our valued customers/hunters and now here it is! Because all animal species are not created equal, neither are the methods of take and the way we hunt.

The High Country Series is the same long life, patented, reusable Synthetic Caribou Gear game bags, a product designed and packaged for the remote High Country hunter carrying all his provisions on his or her back. The Ultra Light package sets are used for the hunter that has the option to bring their harvest from the highest peak, meat on bone or meat only. The Hunter will appreciate the High Country Series reduced meat on bone game bag sizes for its ultra light, compact package and that it comes in a species-specific size so the remote hunter is carrying the very basic in game bags while maintaining the very best in meat protection possible without additional weight and bulk.

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