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Made with reliable UV resistant nylon and webbing, with a mesh bottom for easy draining and a foam insert for proper floatation, but we've added some upgrades! First, we installed a second grommet to the bottom of the bag allowing you to run your weight bearing knot so just the loop is exposed from the bag, and the rest of the knot is contained within the bag (See Photo). This system provides an easy attachment point for carabiners and mitigates the risk of entrapment by minimizing the amount of exposed rope.  This system also contains the foam insert more securely. We've eliminated the loop bungee drawstring, and made it into two separate pieces of bungee, knotted on the end and fastened with a barrel lock to prevent the drawstring from wrapping around a limb. Finally, we tightened up the top webbing hand/attachment loop for easier buckle access and a tighter synch. These upgrades make for a much cleaner rescue tool.
Adding rope to moving water is always a dangerous task so we've done our best to mitigate that risk. You'll find our popular throw bags on just about any river, but now we've upped the industry safety standard. Time to get-on-board.
Yes you could use any rope to rescue your hunting buddy if it's not tangled on the throw, or tied in bundle on the wrong side of the raft or you could safe his/her life by having this dedicated throw bag.
Note; We recommend practicing and knowing how to throw this bag and know your throwing distance and how to properly reload. It doesn't hurt to practice a hurried emergency simulation.    

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