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High or Low Back Raft Seat



This padded vinyl-covered foam is waterproof, self-draining  Low or High Back Raft Seat provides a powerful and comfortable rowing station. Comes with mounting hardware.

This highly prized luxury is a great addition on those long days a float. Yes you can simply sit on a cooler or dry box, but why! If you have the room and extended weight restrictions, this item is well worth it! Make it easy on your lower back.

High Back Raft Seat 
Dimensions:  13"H x 18"W x 14" Long
Bottom bolt attachment pattern - 7.5"W x 7"Long
Weight:  6.5 pounds

Low Back Seat
Dimensions:  8"H x 17"W x 12" Long
Bottom bolt attachment pattern - 7.5"W x 7"Long
Weight:  4.5 pounds

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