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Outdoor Element

Fire Escape by Outdoor Element


OE Aur

When your life depends on it…

The Fire Escape was an inspiration from our first responders. They saw our Firebiner and requested some tweaks for the next generation. We utilized the feedback and created another amazing tool. It is made from super strong stainless steel and has our patent-pending EverSpark system. It is a little larger than the Firebiner and has a new, larger cutting blade with rubber cover, a carbide-tipped glass breaker, an O2 wrench and a ¼” socket wrench. The Fire Escape is a must-carry for anyone from the playground parent to the first-responder, for anyone who travels in a vehicle or spends time outdoors…pretty much everyone!

Additional information

WEIGHT 0.11 lbs
DIMENSIONS 5.75 × 3 × .3 in

EverSpark wheel for easy fire starting, patent-pending
Replenishable ferro rods to keep on sparking
Beefy custom cutting blade to easily slice through a seat belt, cord, rope, etc.
Tungsten carbide-tipped window breaker to help you escape when emergencies arise
O2 wrench, doubles as a hang slot for your keys, a tinder vial, etc.
Hex wrench, doubles as a hang slot
Bottle opener for some pop, fizz happiness
Lightweight, only 1.6 oz, take it with you wherever you go outdoors
Stainless steel body for added strength and durability, corrosion resistant, rated for 125 lbs of gear
Stainless steel wire gate
Available colors: Black Forest, Red Rocks, Aurora, Silverthorne


Black Forest, Red Rocks, Aurora, Silverthorne