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Wilderness Athlete

Hydrate and Recover Tub by Wilderness Athlete



After a long grueling day of hunting, hiking, rafting or any other form of exertion. You'll need Energy and Focus to prevent cramps and replenish your system, allowing you to venture forth, and repeat another day of hunting, hiking, or simply working out.

Each Tub Contains 15.9  oz, 30 servings

Available Flavors: Lemon Lime, KIWI Pineapple

  • Precisely balanced electrolyte and mineral composition to support proper hydration, energy metabolism, and physical endurance*
  • Isotonic formulation ensures fast gastric emptying, rushing fluids to muscles and organs where they’re needed most*
  • Contains no artificial colors, flavors, stabilizers, or preservatives*
  • Low Glycemic Index (GI) sugars combined with complex carbohydrates and L-Glutamine help support increased endurance and prevent fatigue*
  • Provides energy cycle cofactors and standardized botanical extracts for sustained ATP (energy) production throughout the body*