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About Us

Hunting Gear Outfitters
We have spent a lifetime self-guided hunting, on countless variations of solo hunts, multiple manned base camp hunts, hunting from horseback, pack-in, bush plane drop hunts, and remote river float hunts.  These adventure's have produced the best of times, and unexpected hardships forging a hardened respect for nature, the gear we use and the wildlife that lives within.  Our devotion and dedication is never ending as theres not a day that passes that we're not planning and longing for the next adventure. 

Hunting Gear Outfitters is a culmination of a dream and desire to share our experience and knowledge with those who long to experience the wild adventures of hunting, fishing, and the great outdoors.  
Here at Hunting Gear Outfitters we freely share thoughts and experiences.

The time spent on short term to month long hunting adventures has given us the experience and knowledge of what products you can depend on, when it really matters and those products that have failed.
 It is our personal mission in assisting with helpful tips and tactics and gear you will need for a comfortable, safe, and successful hunting adventure.

Hunting Gear Outfitters Store
All of the hand-selected premium gear we recommend on our website is the same equipment that we personally count on in the field.  Whether you are a new hunter or an expert looking to outfit yourself with tried and true gear for your first or repeated epic hunting adventure, you’ll find the gear or information right here at Hunting Gear Outfitters. Let us know your thoughts, interest, and or recommendations on gear, outfitters, or anything in the subject of hunting.

Hunting Gear Outfitters

About the Hunting Gear Outfitters Logo and Meaning -  The logo, brand and website was created by Caribou Gear Outdoor Equipment Company in an effort to expand and share hunting experiences and knowledge with others in a direct and to the point "Hunting - Gear - Outfitters" a name suited for our website and what we do! We're more then just a store.

The navigational arrowhead suited the abbreviation "HGO" Hunting Gear Outfitters, we felt was necessary to include a visual look but share our inspiration of navigating our way into the unknown and distant lands in pursuit of adventure. The arrow also depicts a personal interest in our Northern navigational direction along the Rocky Mountains and north to Alaska or more appropriately out and into the mysterious lands, that is the Rocky Mountains and the last frontier .

It is fact that Caribou Gear is the manufacturing side of the business and that it was found difficult in combing a format that included our thoughts, experiences, stories and offer additional product that Caribou Gear didn’t manufacture. At Hunting Gear Outfitters we can do all that and so much more. So it goes Hunting Gear Outfitters was born with a brand that is unique only to Hunting Gear Outfitters.

We invite you back to see added products, “how to’s” on subjects generally covering hunts in the Rocky Mountains and Alaska in pursuit of deer, elk bear, moose, caribou, bighorn sheep, goat, and more. You will also find gear lists gear recommendations, camp tips, and hunting tactics.