Self-Guided Hunting Alaska for the Majestic Alaska Yukon Moose

For many of us having hunted other commonly hunting species such as deer, elk, upland bird, waterfowl, it is without saying that we all have the desire to hunt something out of the norm. I would have to say moose hunting would be at the top of our bucket list and I don't mean just any moose, but the almighty majestic Alaskan Yukon Moose. I'm here today to say you can! 
That is if you really want to! Like everything else it will take effort on your part in logistically planning too such a hunt.

Guided or Unguided Alaska Moose Hunt - We by no means cut the services of a guide and outfitters. According to some governing laws, they require for you to hunt with a registered guide for dangerous game and high mountain species.  Guides are required for those that don't have the time or unfortunately physically unable to hunt self-guided.

So the question remains, If you had the opportunity would you?
Let's just say without hesitation you said yes!

We at Hunting Gear Outfitters can help, no we can't tell you the exact waypoint location, what we can do is enlighten you with basic information and that it is possible to do it self-guided and under $3,000.00 or less. If you had the opportunity would you?

Let me give you a little background on our experience, first I have never hunted Alaska with a guide not because I wouldn't it's more like I couldn't afford one.  So after nearly 2 decades of self-guided adventures in Alaska hunting caribou, moose, black bear and wolf I have been blessed with two all-time record book animals along with other fine trophies.    Like you! It started with a dream and a desire. 

I started with the same information and procedure you're going to learn here by using these methods and lots of planning and internet scouting, I went hunting Moose in Alaska and shot at my first moose on opening day and it made all-time record B&C. Then a few years following I went on a repeated once in a lifetime hunt and shot another record book moose on opening day, what luck you might say, well yes luck plays a big part of it, but I would have to say it was a long year of studying the area the unit and lots of gear preparation.

With many hours of online scouting, talking to biologists, reading hunting forums, looking over maps, google searching my hunting location, watching YouTube videos and learning how to imitate moose calls.

Let's get started by answering a few common questions we receive.

Q: Can I hunt Alaska without a guide
A: Yes you can hunt Alaska without a guide, for moose, caribou, black bear and wolf. You can't hunt grizzly, sheep, or goat

Q: Can I purchase a tag without applying for the draw

A: Yes! Select unit locations are draw only. Many others are over the counter for moose, caribou, black bear and wolf.

Q. When do I apply for the draw.

A. A year before you plan to hunt - September 1st - September 15th

Q: When are the hunting tag drawings

A: Select unit locations are draw only. that is depending on what your hunting.

Q: How much are the tags   
A: Moose $800.00, Caribou $650.00, Black Bear $450.00 Wolf  $650.00 

Note:  When applying for a draw unit your required to purchase hunting license before you can
apply for the draw. Non-resident annual hunting license: $160

Q: What are Alaska game tags
A: With your typical date and sign paper permit, after the kill, you also have a “Tag” a metal locking device with a stamped serial number, a serial number that is registered to you.  When you hunt in Alaska, you're required to purchase tags for each species being hunted. The tags must be locked attached to the rack or cape or hide. You receive a metal tag when you spend the $800.00 for moose….

Note; When Hunting moose be sure to (ask) receive a silver metal tag extension, sometimes a moose rack may have a thick main beam base that the tag alone can’t reach, so you may need the extension.

Q. Is there anything else required after I purchase my hunting licensed and tags?

A. Some units may require checking in before you can legally hunt, if this is required in your unit you likely have to check out at the same location, be sure to read the regulation for your hunt unit. I also suggest call with a fact check with Alaska Fish and Game

Call the local fish and game office nearest your hunt unit (see link for contact information). If all fails call the main office, for Northern Alaska call Fairbanks, Southern Alaska call Anchorage, south coastal region call Juneau.

Q. Can I hunt alone

A. Yes, but not recommended, find a good hunting partner.

Here Are a Few More Important Questions, Thoughts and Answers

Finding A Hunting Partner
Hunting partner - you're not doing this alone. When we talk of a hunting partner there are a number of key aspects in finding the right person. You must ask yourself the following questions when you are considering that partner/person.

1. Can I spend the next 15+ days with him or her, “attitude” “level headed or short fuse?”
2. Can they afford such a hunt
3. Will they commit without the risk of them backing out at the last minute

Let's start with the first question:
You may ask yourself, “Sure I hunt with this person every year with no underlying problems”. If that's your answer good!
If not, find someone else!
The person you hunt with must be trusted to watch your back, literally!

Attitude - Are they positive or negative, short tempered, quick to judge are they hard to get along with?  Are they hard working, positive, and willing and able in handle their fair share of work and cost, if that's a yes then he or she is a good candidate.  
Can they afford the hunt - Many of us want to hunt in Alaska and many other locations and species around the world but many of us simply can't afford to spend the extra money to do so. 

This website page was created to inform you of Alaska's self-guided possibilities that is unless you can afford 15,000.00  - 25,000.00 and that's just the guide, it doesn't include all the logistics and costs before your in the hands of your guide oh and let's not forget gratuity and trophy fees. 

That person you're considering - This is possibly the most important question of all.
Your life can depend on the actions of you're hunting partner, Alaska can be a grueling test of wills and can find a way of bringing out the worst in a person or possibly the very best.

When dealing with all of the ups and downs of the itinerary, the hustle so you don't miss a flight, constantly moving gear, changing of plans, are they willing to go the extra mile, are they mentally and physically prepared, are you mentally and physically prepared, there are so many questions and unknowns to both you and the person you bring hunting.

On a lighter note if you have or know just the right person you will have the time of your life whether you shoot anything or not, if you both fill your tags well you'll have the best hunt ever!   

You need to find a unit - Start by searching the web for current successful hunting stories, a search for questions and answers on hunting forums, purchase the latest in the Boone and Crockett record book, here you'll find valuable information on who, where and time they killed.  

Take this book and start by studying the unit or area that is mentioned most. We can't give you specific locations, but with a little effort, you'll find that special unit by using the above methods.

Qualify the hunting unit - A part of your hunting unit search and unit consideration. Let's say you found that promising unit to hunt moose, but after some research you found that the unit is by draw only.  If the hunting unit is an over the counter unlimited tag unit great!

You found your hunt unit, now what? -  Now you need to find an air taxi that can drop you into your hunt unit according to your hunt date, next you will need to locate a raft rental, and schedule your commercial flight from home to Anchorage or Fairbanks.  Once all of these items are complete and you find that everything is allowing you to move forward with actually scheduling your hunt.

Your Dream is Coming True - Now that all is scheduled and booked you can now move forward with gathering and qualifying the gear you have and evaluating the need for new gear purchases.  Remember you do not have to buy everything at once, you can purchase items over an affordable period of time.

Gear - Look Over Our Gear List - Qualify the Gear You Have - Purchase Necessary Gear

Study the Animal You Intend to Hunt - Educate yourself in what they eat, their habitat, mating period, studying the sound and learn to imitate their calls.  

Trophy Cape Care - Assuming you plan on having your trophy mounted.  As funny as it may seem many hotels will  accommodate the needs of a successful hunter so it's not unusual to see someone removing game meat particles and salting their cape somewhere in the far reaches of the hotel property. If not find a park or a hotel that has a freezer to store your game meat, fish.

Salt should have already been applied on your cape in the field, remember the cape will need additional fleshing and salt.  By salting the cape it helps keep from spoiling and ultimate hair slippage if slippage does occur it will likely render it useless.  The idea is to preserve the cape long enough until you get it to your taxidermist back home. In town, you will need at least 12 pounds of (basic everyday salt).  

Open the cape flesh side up and remove as much meat from the cape as possible (No need to flesh lips or turn out ears). Apply salt to all areas and crevices of the cape. Allow the cape to sit as long and safely as possible. Next, roll flesh to flesh take this bundle and insert back into a 28x60 game bag, then insert the bundle  into the transport cooler for shipping.

How Do I Get Game Meat Home - Assuming your heading back to the lower 48. The reverse process can be as complicated as when you headed into the bush. Once you arrive back in Anchorage or Fairbanks purchase Fish Boxes - Plastic Trash Bags - Box Tape - Duct Tape - Garden Hose - Cooler - Black Marker - Use the marker to write name and address  

Fish Boxes - Plastic Bags - Box Tape - are for deboning game meat and packaging.  Place the meat in the plastic bag and in the box, leaving a small space at the top allowing room for 5 lbs of dry ice. The tape is to close the box, duct tape doesn't adhere well to cardboard. Take the full boxes to a local cooler/freezer for storage until  your scheduled departure.

The Garden Hose - Duct Tape - The duct tape and Garden hose is used to place over the tips of all the points on each antler.  The duct tape is to hold the short 2” - 3” hose pieces in place. Read: Trophy Rack  

Cooler - The cooler is for the bloody smelly trophy cape.  Place the salted cape in the heavy duty bag, Close the bag with twist tie or paracord, place the bag in cooler, wrap the cooler with duct tape or cord, this all Depends on the cooler being used. The cooler needs stay closed during handling and retain order.   TSA may want to inspect the cooler so you may want to wait until after to seal shut. Read: Trophy Cape Care            

Trophy Rack - First your trophy rack is at least 50" wide and or has 4 brow points or more. No, I'm not a visionary but it's the law for all non-resident hunters. So let's say you harvest a minimum sized rack of 50” wide, and you know the rack will not  score in the record books.

Take the rack and cut it from the skull plate (retain skull plate for your taxidermist) then lay racks into one another like two stacked dinner plates. Place the 3” hose pieces over the tips of all antlers and tape them so they don’t fall off.

Wrap the two together as tightly as possible, next place the bundle into a large, sturdy box large enough to house both halves of the rack. Use the above hose and duct tape wrap method.  Be sure to securely wrap the box with tape.  Use clothes or sleeping bag as a filler. This will now be shipped via UPS, US mail, FedEx or checked-in with you and your departure plane.

Key Required product items - Caribou Gear Game Bags, Alaskan Salt Transport Bag and Citric Acid Spray, Sharp Knife.   (Meat transfer forms are included in the game bag package)

We have more valuable detailed information Self-Guided Hunting Packet and free Seminars

If you have any questions or helpful information, feel free to make contact.

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