Additional fish and game information and resources coming soon!

The information offered here is all public information, but can be difficult to find, here we cut to the chase and simply go direct to the most common required links. The links or recommendations are some of the required service recommendations when visiting Alaska.

Alaska Fish and Game - A broad look at all fish and game resources.

Purchase all licenses and locking tags - Enter Fish ad Game Store

2018 Licenses - Stamps - Tag Prices: How much does a tag cost?
All Licenses purchases require; Purchasing of a Licenses and a Metal Tag. Some units and species require special permits, be sure to call fish and game for details. Draw applicants; Alaska Fish and Game requires you to purchase a license prior to draw entry.
Moose Hunters - When purchasing your tag at a license fender, be sure to ask for a blank metal tag extension. This extension will help when attaching your registered green locking tag around the thick base of the the moose rack.All 2018

When to apply for a draw unit - The draw application opens November 1, -December 15th. There are no preference point offered or required, everyone has an opportunity to win a tag.

Note: Not all units are draw units, there are many over the counter units for moose, caribou, black bear, wolf. So if your looking to hunt Alaska this year, it is possible! Purchasing a over the counter license and tag can be be purchased at Local sporting good stores and many grocery stores i.e. Fred Myer, Wall Mart stores.

2018 Alaska Draw Applicants (pdf) Awarded and non-awarded tags.

2018 Alaska Tag Draw Winners (pdf

Is This Moose Legal 
It’s not always easy to determine legal and illegal moose antler configurations. In Alaska, there are area specific rules on what determines a legal bull moose. This video aims to educate hunters on how antlers grow, what parts make up a moose antler and how to judge legal antlers in the field. 
Keep in mind all non-resident hunters, all moose must have 50" (wide) rack or 4 Brow tines. See Vimeo Video 

Need to Purchase Hunting Gear! You can do that here! Forgot something, broke it or lost it! There are many opportunities in Alaska (Caribou Gear Game Bags).

Anchorage - Bass Pro, Cabelas, Sportsman's Warehouse, Big Ray's, Barney's Sports Chalet

Fairbanks - Cabelas, Sportsman's Warehouse, Frontier Outfitters, Big Ray's

Kodiak Island - Big Ray's

Valdez - Prospector Outfitters

Local On The Cheap Hotels 
There are many of the upper end hotels in both Anchorage and Alaska, the few mentioned here are good for cost, shuttle service and one with a free to use walk-in freezer for fish and meet.

Alex Hotel - Anchorage
Located a few miles from the airport, with any hour shuttle pickup from the airport. Free walk in freezer, free breakfast and great flexible shuttle service (they do earn there tip). Want a discount mention that you would like the "sportsman discount" most of the time it works! (907) 243-3131

Barratt Inn - Anchorage
Located a few miles from the airport, with shuttle service from the airport, free breakfast. (907) 865-4600

Best Western Plus Pioneer Park Inn - Fairbanks
Located five miles from the airport but central locate to many services. As mentioned the to have great shuttle service and sportsman's flexability (907)479-8080

Note: All hotel's have peak season pricing and off season pricing. It's likely that you'll stay in Anchorage or Fairbanks before your hunt so book your room a month or two before you arrive, for after the hunt play it safe and book your room early. Trust me you'll need the flexibility and service. 

Before and After Your Hunt Tips
Before you depart on your hunt be sure to purchase tags and license's and a few of the items your unable to ship do to regulations or perishables.
Such as: Camp Fuel, Food items, local used fishing gear (license) and info. 

Be sure to see our Self-Guided Hunting Alaska page, there you'll find detail information on meat/antler care, packaging and shipping. 

Alaska - Commercial Flights and Services
Alaska Airlines 
Alaska Airlines is at the top of our list for available services, With them you can ship meat and antlers. On the Alaska end of your flight the folks there are no stranger to seeing someone walk in with a massive moose rack and colors fool of meat. With that said you must follow all rules that apply, look at the links below for detailed information, I would also refer you to see our Self-Guided Hunting Alaska page for detailed tips and information. 
Contact Alaska Airlines in; Anchorage 907-266-7952, Fairbanks 907-474-9100

Alaska Airlines Cargo 
Cargo Web page(s) for Special Handling of Seafood, Perishables, Wild Game 
The Wild Game link is were you'll find information on meat and antler shipping information. Remember if your not sure call the airlines to double check! Be sure to check-in two or three hours early when you have meat and antlers.
Wild Game 
Cargo Main Call Center - 1-800-225-2752
Cargo Sales Manager Anchorage/Fairbanks 907-266-7818

 Local Meat Care and Services "Butchers"