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Caribou Gear Game Bag Description - Here you will likely find the answer to many or all of your questions asked about the Caribou Gear Game Bags.
From the very beginning and long before Caribou Gear was a company name, game meat care was a priority and a necessity to the family's annual subsistence.

After meat loss due to trimming, insects and general debris. It wasn't until many years latter on extended hunts in the Colorado Rockies and Alaska that it came to light, thinking if the game meat was to make it back home to the family, there had to be a better way of taking care of game meat on extended  hunts.

Game meat care was in dire need of something better!

Stepping back and truly looking at what the market had to offer.
In 2000 the game bag industry was very small, you could find the form fit cheese cloth such as the Alaska game bag, heavy canvas game bags, a nylon bag made in Alaska, but that was it.
That is if you want to count the cheap cheese cloth bags originally made for smoking ham.

In truth the Caribou Gear Game Bags was born out of necessity, without a question there was a need for a strong, breathable, non-cotton game bag, so different that they would withstand the long extended hunts of Alaska.

A game that would allow the meat to breath, wouldn't allow insect in, dry quickly, be light weight, be light reflective and a way of securing the meat content.

At the time we used the heavy canvas bags with poor, heavy, meat spoiling results. Not to mention we had to purchase new bag each time we made a kill, we didn't think it was a good idea to take stinky game bags back into bear country. 

Be sure to see the blog post found on our website. You can also find additional information at the Caribou Gear Outdoor Equipment Company Website at;

Q. What is the fabric made of and are the bags patented?
A. The fabric is a custom blend of liquids that comprise the manufacturing of the fabric, the formula is unique to the Caribou Gear Brand and yes the bags are patented.

Q. Do the game bags breath?
A. The bag (fabric) is designed to breath, this is and should be the most important attribute to any game bag. The fabric is designed with a fine tuned thread count and density, this way its assured to be consistent porosity and breathable. Yes the bag fabric allows the game meat to breath.

Q. What’s the difference between Caribou Gear Game Bags and all other synthetic  game bags on the market?
A. From the date of conception the Caribou Gear Game Bags were challenged by three other game bag companies, today we start to lose count, there seems to be a new bag at every turn. With many attempting to make a look alike Caribou Gear Game or simply a new and improved design.

In short all of the game bags made are of pure nylon fabric, nylon it is poor fabric for game meat care it simply doesn’t breath as well as it should or I should say needs to on extended hunts.

In fact many have attempted to challenge our design. All of our competitors game bags are made of nylon or nylon rip-stop tent fabric, despite what they may say in there description. Nylon fabric that is used in the manufacturing of their game bags simply does not work.

Q. Why non-stretch fabric?
A. Stretch fabrics inherent design does not work well for a game bag. This form fitting game bag material sits tightly around the game meat imbedding the dirt and debris into the meat creating a great deal of trimming and meat loss. The stretch fit type game bag is not durable, allows insect, dirt to again access. Make for a difficult meat content. removal or access due to the know that is usually tied to secure the content. Not to mention they are not worth reusing.

Q. Where are the bags made?
A. Like most everything we wear, there made in China. It should be noted that the game bag packaging labor force and print work are all designed and created here in the U.S.A.  

Q. Where are they sold?
A. Caribou Gear products are found at all major store’s such as Cabelas, Bass Pro, Sportsman’s Warehouse, Scheels, Midway USA, and many small specialty stores around the world. You won't find them on Amazon.

Q. Why not put the Caribou Logo on the bags?
A. Sure a logo on a game bag looks good, but simply put, the bags don’t breath at  the Silkscreen location, this is considered a starting point for spoilage.

Q. Why so many package sizes?
A. All game species are not created equal in size, nor are the meat part’s. So we have varying sized game bag sets for the varying sized meat parts.

Q. Whats the difference between T-- bags and these?
A. The tag bags are a pure nylon fabric with the associated negative nylon attributes...nylon doesn't breath.

Q. What the difference between K--- bags and these?
A. Fact Caribou Gear sponsored product to the K--- crew. The question is simply put, the K--- bags are a nylon formulation with the associated negative nylon attributes. They also have a large silkscreen logo, preventing the bag from breathing. The design with doubled layered stitching does not allow the game meat to properly breath, this double layer is found on both sides of the bag, top to bottom.

Q. How do I wash them?
A. See our blog page for more detailed information.

Q. How do I use the Game Bags? 
A. (see the blog post for detailed information).

Q. Do I use the lock loop to hang my game meat?
A. No, the lock loop is design to attach the Big Game ID Tag, for bag content ownership and bag content. It is also used to hang the game bag when drying. (see images here).

Q. Can I use the reflective attachment to tie the game bag to my pack frame?
A. No, the bags light reflective attachments are designed for locating the bag after
dark and for safe distance viewing when hunting in bear country.

A. Can a wasp cut the bag?
Q. No, the bags are extremely tough and durable. Birds can’t penetrate the fabric.
Weasels have been known to puncture the bag, but not able to again access to its content.
Here is a diagram that comprises the positive attributes on the Caribou Gear Game bag.  Be sure to see the blog post found on this site covering Caribou Gear Field Use, Tips, and Washing. Additional information can be found at


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