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Gear - Meat - Antlers

 After the hunt: We hope it was successful, there are a few item's you'll need in caring for the meat, cape and rack. The following is a list of necessary items in assisting you in getting your trophy and meat home. That is unless your using a local butcher and their services. 

1. Fish Box's "Meat Box's"
2. Garden Hose - cover the ends of each tip of the rack
3. Duck Tape - Used to hold the 3" hose pieces on each of the rack tips.
4. Heavy Duty Plastic Bags - Used as a fish box "meat box" liner to contain blood and water for game meat and cape.
5. 10 Pounds of Salt - For salting each cape.
6. Shipping Box's & quality box tape - To ship select  gear home.
7. Inexpensive cooler - use to transport cape,  for the flight home. Be sure to use plastic bag to contain oder and bloody water. be sure to securely close the bag with opening oriented to the top of the cooler.  

Your Rack(s) "Antlers"
If you harvested a possible record book animal and wanted to have it scored, you will need to leave the rack attached to the the skull plate. If you shot a typical or average animal, you can cut the rack down the center of the skull plate. The skull plate is necessary if you plan on mounting your trophy, using the cape. If you cut the rack from the skull plate your taxidermist will have a very costly and difficult time mounting your trophy.

Packaging a Rack For the Flight Home or Mailing.

Checking-In a Complete Rack with the Skull Plate Attached
Alaska Airlines has large telescoping box's to accommodate over sized antlers. 

Checking-In a Detached Rack
After cutting the rack form the skull plate and or dividing them in half. Cup the two pieces into them selves. Measure the Hight x Width x Length, then purchase a (Home Depot) box that best suit's the dimensions. You can them box the rack and fill the empty gap's with clothing, tent or sleeping bag. This packaged rack can now be checked in for the flight back home or can be mailed via UPS, or FedEx.
Note: Whether you check the rack in for the flight or mailing, be sure to cover the tip of the rack with the hose pieces and then wrap them tightly together with para cord or duct tape.