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Raft Sale

Alaska Moose Hunting Raft Build #1

We are pleased to announce Hunting Gear Outfitters Self-guided Hunting Alaska has gone to the extreme, in addition to our gear list and how to self-guided hunt Alaska seminar, we are now offering (Limited Availability) a custom built raft. This new venture allows you to purchase a custom built one time Alaska used raft at an affordable price.

As we kick off 2019 Self-Guided Hunting Alaska seminars, how to videos, blogs covering raft purchasing, frames, accessories, raft preparation, ore selection, in the field repairs, and much more.

The available for purchase custom built Deluxe Alaskan Moose hauler will be used in select video’s and picture demonstrations and one time Alaska hunt.

Current builds include Hyside / NRS Rafts Premium Custom frames, dry boxes and select accessories by Hyside, NRS and DRE Down River Equipment

Self-Guided Hunting Alaska - Deluxe Alaskan Moose Raft, our first build will be a Hyside Pro 16 XT and NRS Otter 15' Self-Bailing Raft. See list of raft, frame and accessories that are include in our first build.

For questions and inquiry email or call 303-798-5824

Deluxe Alaskan Moose Raft - The Hauler
Custom built for the remote rivers of Alaska, this extreme weight hauler is designed to get you there and out with that prized trophy.
The two raft's are designed for two hunters, gear and two Alaskan Yukon Moose, estimated weight per two hunters, gear, and two moose 2000lb - 2300lb

Note: The Hyside raft build was used for marketing videos, photos and 1 time use Alaska hunt.

Used Price: $7,350
    If Purchased New $9,046.00 plus destination charges.


Raft Build #1 2014 Hyside Pro 16.O XT
16', self bailing floor, 48" interior width, 14 d-rings, 8 handles, raft weight;138 lbs.

This truck of a raft will get the job done!z
HYSIDE inflatable was designed to withstand the everyday abuse from Commercial Outfitters.

 The most reliable and durable inflatable boat coating available. When choosing a raft coating, the most important factors are UV and abrasion resistance, as well as time tested durability. Hypalon is the only material that keeps inflatables running strong, year after year after year.

Frame: (DRE) Down River Equipment Custom Frame 4 bay 73" L X 75" W 47” 1 1/5 Pipe interior
Frame Straps 6 count - 4’ and pins.
Oar Tower with Bushing (helps eliminate squeaky noise)
*Deluxe Custom Dry Box: Down River 16” front to back x 44”wide x 17” Tall
Dry Box support Straps 3 count - 9’ Sold Separately Used $500.00 New $545.00
*1 - MP90 WAY Cooler 36.5" W x 16.37" H x 16" D Sold Separately Used $300.00 New 374.95
3 - Blade: Carlisle Outfitter Black 8”
3 - Oar Stopper
1 - Blade Rests (pair)
2 - Oar Lock: Sawyer Cobra w/split ring
3 - Oar Lock Spring
2 - Oar Lock Split Ring
3 - Oar Lock Lynch 
3 - Oar Sleeve / lock: Carlisle
3 - Oar Sleeve
1- Drop Bag: 44” x 18” x 9” 
1- Drop Bag: 44” x 14” x 9”
DRE Barrel Pump: Short
Hypalon Repair Kit 
2 - Hypalon Repair Handle
2 - NRS Cargo Floor: large w/straps
1 - 60 ft rope: Tie off extension with 1 carabiner
1 - Safety Throw Bag
1 - Spare Oar Keeper

Download list with new pricing and used sale price. pdf

Repair Kit:
 6" x 24" Hypalon Fabric, 1/4 pint Toluene, 1/4 shore Adhesive, Glue Brush, Roller Rasp, Leafield valve, valve tool, instructions, and extra pin. 

The above package is offered and sold as a complete package. Custom builds and accessories are available. 

*Optional Items available for purchase:
Custom DRE Dry Box 17" Tall x 44" wide x 16" front to back - $530.00
Custom and standard sizes will soon be available at HGO "Hunting Gear Outfitters"
Way Coolers in varying size's will soon be available. (For this Build) Way Cooler Model: MP90 $374.95. This cooler is a great fit in length x height x width under a captains chair or suited to be used as a rowing chair.
Select Quality Items Rafts, Oars & Paddles, Drop Bags, Cargo Floors, Bowline, "Safety" Throw Bags and accessories soon available here at HGO.


Raft #2 NRS Alaska Moose Hauler
Price Coming Soon!
NRS 2018 Otter 150 Self-Bailing Raft - 15’ (Thwarts not included)
NRS Compact Outfitter Raft Frame
2 - Cobra Oarlocks Sawyer
2 - Oarlock Stainless Springs
3 - Carlisle 2-Piece Oar Shaft 10’
3 - Oar Blade Cutthroat by Cataract  
3 - Oar Sleeve Molded
3 -  Oar Right Convertible
2 - NRS Raft Cargo Floor XL
1 - Eddy Out Aluminum Dry Box - 38”L x 16”H x 13”W, 4.6 cu.ft.
NRS Flip Seat Mount
NRS High-Back Swivel Seat
NRS 1" HD Tie-Down Straps
Repair Kit NRS Pennel Orca Raft and Inflatable Kayak 
Throw Bag NRS Standard Rescue 
NRS Bowline Bag
NRS Pennel Orca Raft Handle - added to front to aid in pulling raft on shore

Stop by from time to time to see how the rafts take shape with all of the new added features and accessories.

We'll also post video's and blog "using the NRS and Hyside rafts" covering the following subjects;
Buying a Raft for Your Hunt, Designing A Frame For Your Raft, Raft Accessories, How To Assemble A Raft Frame, Preparing Your Raft For The Hunt, Raft Gear Load, In The Field Meat Care, Basic River Navigation, Planning Your River Hunt, and I Want To Float Hunt But Have Never Been On a Raft. Subjects will take place as we build our new Hyside Raft and from your received suggestions. So if you have a thought or suggestion feel free to call, or email

Our How to Video's and Blog's will be inline with common in the field experience's using the bare minimum in tools, we'll also cover in the field procedures and experiences.  

Raft build can be purchased anytime, with 50% deposit. Raft sold as is in good like new condition.  Call for additional detail. (303)798-5824 or email;

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