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**FREE SHIPPING on all Caribou Gear product purchases over $49**

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When can I expect to receive my order?


We fulfill orders Monday through Friday (9am to 5pm) from our location here in Colorado, with  same day shipping on orders received before 4pm MST.  Peak season we’re open 6 days a week 9am - 5pm, July 1st to October 20th.

We use USPS Priority 3-day mail and UPS. Other country’s we ship to are Australia, Brazil, Canada, Mexico, New Zealand, Spain, Sweden, and the United Kingdom. Primarily we use USPS.  If your country is not listed, let us know. We can add your country and preferred shipping method to our list.

There are many factors which can cause shipping delays (federal holidays, weather, low inventory, etc), so we encourage you to plan ahead. 

Allow 2 - 3 days in State, 3 days for surrounding states and 3-5 days coastal States, for your order to arrive.

We want to make sure we get your orders to you in time. We can ship directly to your Outfitters location. We do have expedited shipping as an available option.

Let us know of any special requests by adding a message at the provided text box on your check-out window, email;, or call (303)798-5824.

If you have a questions on products, recommendations, suggestions or shipping, please feel free to contact us.