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What Game Bag Set Do I Need?


We are often asked this question, the answer can vary depending on how you hunt and your skill level or both.

Let’s say your hunting Elk from a drive in base camp, pack in on horse. Our first recommendation would be the Magnum Pack Medium “ELK”,  it’s a meat on bone, multi game bag set of 7 bags with varying sized bags for the varying sized parts. These bags are larger, (qtr bag size 28 x 48) make for optimum breathability and easy handling on extended hunts, but this set can be heavy due to the additional bag size and package contents.

If your back packing in for Elk we have two additional options, The Wapiti is a meat on bone set, this package contains 4 quarter bags ( 23x46)  and 1 meat parts bag, a meat transfer form and storage bag. The Wapiti is a popular set due to it's weight and compact package.

The second option is the Carnivore III, weighing 14 ounces it makes it an easy option for packing-in, but the skill level comes into question. The Carnivore III (Elk) is a deboned, meat only system, the package includes 5 meat bags (16x30), 6 ID Tags, 6 zip ties, 4’x4’ plastic ground tarp (for cutting meat on), and storage bag. 

The follow game bag systems are recommended per species being hunted. Keep in mind that we do offer single quarter bags and accessories,  so you can assemble your own custom set.

Note: Alaska hunters - As a non resident hunter your required to leave meat attached to the bone, The Caribou Gear game bag package system for Moose - Magnum Pack Large, Caribou - The Caribou system. the two sets are packaged according to the state regulations. These packages are ready to use and include all the bags you need including the rib bag, ID Tags and meat transfer form. 

(Select the species your hunting and pick the product option that best suits your hunt style, drive to camp, Alaska hunt, backpacking...)


MOOSE - Magnum Pack Large, Single Quarter Bag Large.

ELK - Magnum Pack Large, Wapiti, Full Carcass Bag Large, Single Quarter Bag Medium

CARIBOU - The Caribou, Single Quarter Bag Small

MULEDEER - Magnum Pack Small, Muley, Full Carcass Bag Medium, Single Quarter Bag Small.

ANTELOPE - Magnum Pack Small, Full Carcass Bag Small, Large Single Quarter Bag

BROWN BEAR Cape Bag - Small Full Carcass Bag

GRIZZLY BEAR Cape Bag - Large Single Quarter Bag

BLACK BEAR - Magnum Pack Small

WHITETAIL DEER - Full Carcass Bag Small

Hog - Full Carcass Bag Small, Single Quarter Bag Large

TURKEY - Single Quarter Bag Small


COYOTE - Single Quarter Bag Medium 


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