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Bullet Wallet - 5 Rifle Bullets and ID Pocket



Our 5 Rifle Bullet and ID/License Wallet was designed to provide hunters with a better bullet-carry system and easy-to-locate license/ID storage.  Dissatisfied with the available options, we set out to design our own.  It features a slim profile and fold-up design that reduces bulging and protects soft and polymer-tipped bullets.  Uniquely designed for large calibers, it comfortably fits five rounds from .223 to .300 Weatherby Magnum and ID/hunting license.  The 5-bullet Wallet is incredibly tough, built with heavy-duty Cordura ballistic fabric.  Stash it in your pack or secure it on your hip to keep spare rounds safe and quickly accessible.

Fits 5, 300 mag-223 bullets and ID/hunting license.

Note: The Bullet Wallet is currently available for pre-order, with special pre-order pricing. *As of 1/25/20, the expected availability date for shipping is March 15, 2020. **As of 1/28/20, the expected availability date for shipping may change due to the coronavirus outbreak.  This may delay the delivery of the product.