Energy and Focus Packets- Wilderness Athlete

Energy and Focus Packets- Wilderness Athlete


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We find energy and focus an affordable must on those long hikes, river rafting convenience drinks, when you need that extra boost. Many times over we found a late night kill required us to work into the early morning hours, Energy and focus made it possible.

Formulated to feed the energy-producing mechanisms in the body while boosting mental clarity and increasing physical output.  Originally developed for professional, Olympic®, and other elite athletes, Energy & Focus is the healthy, effective alternative to “cult” canned and bottled products, and is now available to the athlete in each of us.* Gluten Free

Each Packets .49 oz Package contains 25 servings 

Available Flavors: Cherry Limeade, Tropical Fusion.

  • Contains no simple sugars to interfere with normal blood sugar metabolism and regulation – a true “no crash” formula*
  • A comprehensive profile of neuroactive nutrients to support optimum brain and nervous system energy and physiology*
  • Potent antioxidant profile of Vitamin C, Vitamin E, and Mixed Carotenes protects tissues from free-radical damage*
  • Fast acting, steady energy boost – Feel it in minutes, enjoy for it hours*
  • Includes adaptogenic botanical extracts to support physical stamina*
  • Naturally flavored and colored, contains no artificial ingredients*