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Gransfors Bruk

Axe Sharpening Diamond by Gransfors Bruk



Axe Sharpening Diamond
5.6" Length
.125 lbs

This is a straight, fine-grain diamond file with two faces and a small wooden handle. The handle is thicker near the file blade to give a good grip. The file has a coarse side and a fine side. Sharpen with the coarse side first, then finish off with the fine side. The file is normally used with water but can be used dry.

Includes a grain leather sheath.

Hand Forged in Sweden
What makes a Gransfors Bruk axe stand out from the crowd is the fact that it is made according to long-standing principles and traditions, with the same focus on quality that existed a couple of hundred years years ago , when axes were one of our most used and imported tools. 
Each axe is signed with pride by each smith's initials as a mark of quality and supported by Gransfors 20 year Guarantee.