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JETBOIL - Is a fast convenient cooking system. Made for extreme camping conditions from the Southern Rockies to Alaska. This four season cooking system is designed to boil 2 cups of water in 2.5 min, weighs 12 oz. 

All parts store inside the boiling pot including fuel canister making it easy to carry and stow. 

HGO - We use this system for boiling water for our mountain house meals and water for coffee, so no need for extra pots or pans, so really no cleanup!

Note: The difference between the (JETBOIL) FLASH  and ZIP.
The Flash will hold 1liter of water, the Zip will hold .8 liters. For convenience the flash has a built-in push button igniter, clear measuring cup, and a built-in temperature gauge, the swish logo turns orange when at boiling temperature.

Model: Zip

Weight:12 oz

(Fuel Sold separately). See Jet Boil Flash