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JETBOIL Coffee Press Use with Zip, Flash, Flashlite, Micromo, .8L & 1L Tall Spare Cups



JETBOIL - Brew the best cup of backcountry coffee or flip it over to steam your favorite fish and vegetables! The stem and basket detach to easily stow in your cup. Available in two sizes: regular and grande.

Model: Coffee Press. 

Weight: .8 oz

(Fuel Sold separately)

Instructions for use:
1. Setup Jetboil Personal Cooking System (PCS) according to JETBOIL SETUP & IGNITION instructions. Remove Jetboil coffee press from plastic package. 2. Gently thread Upper Rod and Lower Rod together. Insert Rods into provided lid through top hole. Then thread into Basket, with basket facing down (as shown). 3. Heat desired amount of water according to Jetboil PCS COOKING & HEATING instructions. 4. Turn flame off and remove cup according to Jetboil AFTER COOKING OR HEATING instructions (replacing plastic cover on base). Add coarse ground coffee into PCS and stir. 1 heaping tablespoon recommended per cup. 5. Place coffee press on top of PCS. Secure lid. Let coffee brew for at least 3 minutes. 6. Place PCS on a flat, dry, non-slip surface. Hold firmly with spout turned away from you, then apply slight pressure on top knob to slowly lower coffee press directly down into PCS. Pour coffee using spout or drink from lid. 7. Clean after each use. Follow Jetboil STOWING instructions for proper PCS storage. Unscrew threaded parts. Store basket inside plastic cover or upside down underneath fuel canister. Stow Rods together in opening slot of burner base.