Gunnison LD 66x78 3 bay Raft Frame
Gunnison LD 66x78 3 bay Raft Frame
Gunnison LD 66x78 3 bay Raft Frame
Gunnison LD 66x78 3 bay Raft Frame

Gunnison LD 66x78 3 bay Raft Frame


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This frame is pre-made and ready to ship for your next trip.  It is compatible with parts from other frame manufacturers who use the lighter duty 1 5/8" outside diameter aluminum pipe.  It has all the same components that make a DRE frame the best frame on the planet, but without the customized production time associated with our made-to-order frames.  Includes kick bar and oar towers

The dimensions are a prefect fit for that remote Alaska adventure. Light weight heavy duty, Strong enough to hold the weight of two men, gear and two moose. This and the NRS, Hyside,  15' or 16' Raft is a sure winner for your remote hunting success.

Gunnison Light Duty Frames are the lighter weight versions of our Extra Duty frames.

  • The pipe we use is 1.25” (1 5/8” O.D.) 6063 alloy Schedule 40 T6 aluminum extruded in a process designed specifically for DRE to give the best combination of weight and strength. We use the thickest Clear Anodizing for maximum durability.
  • The bent corners are made with swaged joints to provide great strength and super quick assembly and break down.
  • We only use Hollaender Al-Mag 535 fittings, which are the best available. These fittings have physical strength characteristics comparable to malleable iron at one-third the weight.
  • 3-Bays
  • Overall Size: 66" Length x 78" Width
  • Fits most 16' rafts
  • 1.25” ID (1 5/8” O.D.) 6063 alloy Schedule 40 T6 Anodized Aluminum Pipe
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