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Wilderness Athlete

The Good Stuff - Vitamin Packets by Wilderness Athlete



Includes 30 daily servings of our High Performance Multi Vitamin, Complete Probiotic and Omega-3 Fish Oil.

For years, we've packed our daily vitamins into zipper bags, Tupperware, backpack pockets, empty Blender Bottles and sometimes just the good ol' jean pocket. We all know this poses a number of issues. 

Enter: The Good Stuff
We took your daily essentials and put them in convenient, easy-to-pack singles. Genius right? We think so. 
Gone are the days of crushed vitamins at the bottom of your pack, or forgotten fish oil in the dryer.

Directions For Use:
Take the contents of one dual-packet (3 tablets, 1 capsule, and 2 soft-gels) daily. For best results, take the entire packet contents with a meal.*